neckercheifwandawega NECKERCHIEFwandawega neckerchief detail
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“You are ready to receive your Webelos neckerchief. The multiple colors in your new neckerchief are more like fireworks than a flame. You are reaching the very top of the Cub Scout ranks and are exploding with skills, spirit, and energy. You now need to use your scouting spirit to reach the final heights of Cub Scouts and prepare to launch into a Boy Scout troop before you know it.” -From the Official Boy Scout Neckerchiefs Ceremony script

Urbanites call it a scarf, dandy’s call it an ascot, we scouts call it a neckerchief. This is the original “Kercheif’ donned by scouts since 1922 in the classic Webelos print with the BSA logo emblem.
Polyester/Cotton blend, 36” x 25 ½” x 25 ½”