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Manufactured by the Marbles Outing Equipment company of Gladstone, Michigan, founded in 1887. Charles Lindbergh carried this matchsafe on the first solo transatlantic flight. Innovative, proven over 100 years, this is the patented Marbles MR150 match safe canister designed to keep your matches safe, dry and ready for your next emergency. Stood the test of time and is proud to be one of the best in the industry. Marble’s Gladstone Mich USA Patd 1900 Match Safe With Striker Body. A piece of emergency equipment that every BoyScout and outdoorsman hunter, camper, or hiker has carried on them for the past century. The match safe is a screw-it-closed water-resistant metal container for wooden kitchen matches. (ships packed full) Features a leather bootstring strung through top ring. The silver metal match box case is made of seamless nickel plated brass, featuring the Striking surface on the body of the container. Ring attached for fastening to a belt or a chain for easy access.